Washington Says "Let Her Debate!"

In her first campaign tour stop since her nomination and the Libertarian National Convention, our amazing presidential candidate, Jo Jorgensen, paid her Washington State supporters a visit this month and held two successful events in Seattle on Saturday, July 18th.

Over 200 supporters and volunteers gathered at Westlake Park in Downtown Seattle on a warm, sunny day to hear Jo speak at the “Let Her Debate” protest. Local comedian Shelby Dodson emceed the event, welcoming several Libertarian candidates and speakers to the stage. Another comedian, Josh Firestine, kicked things off with a standup set. Two candidates for State House of Representatives followed, David Wiley for 38th LD and Marliza Melzer for 33rd LD. Next up were three Congressional candidates, Jorge Besada for US Congress District 9, Ryan Cooper for US Congress District 4, and Steven Skelton for US Congress District 1. Miguel Duque, LP King County Chair, spoke in support of the Decriminalize Nature campaign, followed by Bess Byers speaking against police injustice and qualified immunity. Anthony Welti for WA Insurance Commissioner gave a great speech, as always. Finally, Jacob Lamont of the Libertarian Party of Washington introduced Jo Jorgensen.

Jo was met with huge applause and excitement as she spoke passionately on all of her key campaign issues, from ending the wars, to allowing competition in healthcare, to ending the drug war. She spoke for roughly a half-hour, even taking questions from the audience. Jo then let attendees get individual photos with her before heading off to prepare for her next event.

That evening, a fundraising event was held at a supporter’s private residence along the banks of Coal Creek. Ten donors enjoyed an intimate dinner with Jo, followed by a whiskey tasting and silent auction with a larger group. A total of $9,000 was raised, going to support both the Jo Jorgensen and Anthony Welti campaigns.

This was a very special, memorable day for Libertarians in Washington. The many hardworking volunteers involved from throughout Washington did a spectacular job. We were left inspired to work even harder to get Jo Jorgensen on the debate stage, secure victory for all of our local candidates, and spread the message of liberty far and wide in 2020.