To Those Who Want to "Defund the Police"

To those who want to #defundthepolice...

Do you aim to abolish the obscene power that police hold or merely transfer it? Would you throw the ring of power into the fire or keep it for yourself?

Will you call for repealing all victimless "crimes" like drug and sex work prohibition?

Will you call for ending gun control?

Will you call for ending occupational licensing?

Will you call for repealing truancy laws?

Will you call for repealing taxes, fees, civil asset forfeiture, and other forms of government theft?

If I lost you at "ending gun control," then you need to stop and think. All of the above are the laws most often responsible for so much harassment, abuse, and killing of minorities by police. When they say they are "just doing their job," it's because their job is to enforce these unjust laws.

MLK said we have a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws. We also have a duty to abolish them, so that they don't go on to oppress future generations.

If you are serious in your desire for justice, you must realize that the government's power to do all of these terrible things is fundamentally illegitimate and immoral and then dismantle it, not try to "reform" or "restructure" it.

Libertarians want to throw the ring into the fire. We believe that every individual owns oneself. We hold that all individuals have the right to exercise sole dominion over their own lives.

Don't just defund the police. Abolish the oppressive laws that they were made to enforce. Defund and banish politicians who keep writing those bad laws. Defund and close the courts and jails that lock up countless people who weren't infringing on anyone's rights, destroying families and perpetuating a cycle of hurt. Stop asking for government to force others to behave the way you want and to manage every facet of our lives.

Liberty is the solution. Let people be free to manage their own affairs. Free people find ways to help each other peacefully and voluntarily. Free people choose love over hate.