To: Libertarians and Conservatives, Re: #JusticeforGeorgeFloyd

By Whitney Davis, LP King County member

(Written 5/31/2020)


I'm here to encourage you to not write off the #JusticeforGeorgeFloyd rallies yesterday, to understand Antifa as the antagonizers, and to stand with your fellow Americans against Antifa violence and against State overreach.

I've attended 2 ReOpen rallies this year and the #JusticeforGeorgeFloyd rally yesterday.

(Check out my Twitter for videos from yesterday: @wmdavis1109)

Let's get one thing absolutely clear: these rallies were not put on as a guise to loot and riot. Antifa hijacked the peaceful rallies and now the message against State violence is misconstrued as a destructive agenda to riot or a selfish agenda to loot.

It's also not helpful for people who didn't attend to justify Antifa violence as "you care more about property than human lives" or "they were destroying capitalism". That was NOT the message spoken at the rallies. Again, you can listen to the real message on my Twitter.


There were 2 rallies (I intentionally call them "rallies" like conservatives call their protests because they are of the same nature. I encourage you to do the same.): one at noon and one at 3pm. They had speakers, music, prayer, and spoken word. Speakers continued to preach about peace, justice, no violence, and no vandalism. They preached AGAINST Antifa and their tactics. We attended the noon speaking event then marched a few blocks while chanting to the 3pm speaking event.

We sang together.

We prayed together.

We had a moment of silence together.

We listened to powerful speeches together. Individuals handed out masks, water bottles, and hand sanitizer as needed.

It was a really powerful rally.

We had about a 1000 people at 2 speaking events and a march in between, all for about 4 hours and ZERO problems with violence and the police. We kept to ourselves and focused on the chants and the speakers. If these rallies were just a guise to loot and riot, why did over a 1000 people not loot and riot for 4 hours?

Around 4pm, Antifa showed up to harass the police, break windows, and burn cars. I spoke with a reporter about it and it's well known here that Antifa are the antagonizers. They harass the police then run back into the crowd and the police tear gas the crowd. They vandalize buildings and cars and set things on fire and incite violence and destruction and then BLM/Justice for George gets the blame.


It's incredibly sad and frustrating. I see so much potential for black activists, libertarians, and conservatives to unite against the State. The State that shut down businesses at a moment's notice is the same state putting their knee on the neck of an innocent, unarmed American.

It would be intentionally dishonest to deny that there is any kind of racial or gender bias in policing. But ultimately, George Floyd was an AMERICAN brutalized by a State that continues to violate our rights. We let the State get away with such violation of our rights for years, so the shut down should be absolutely no surprise.

Every form of power we give or don't deny to the State in other areas of life will eventually be used on us.




We needed the MILITIA MEN from the ReOpen rallies to march with us and to protect businesses from Antifa. If you're angry and upset about rioting and looting, please step up. Let's defend our communities from Antifa violence.

We needed the WHITE CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIANS who showed up to ReOpen rallies to petition against sex ed in kindergarten, who ask Black Christians to step up for Christian causes, to stand next to the Black Christians who showed up yesterday in solidarity for justice for George Floyd, a fellow American and product of God.

We needed WHITE MEN, who are the demographic most brutalized by police, to march for Duncan Lemp. To show fellow black Americans that police don't discriminate when it comes to State violence. To show that you're angry too. To show that we have a serious problem of militarized police.

We needed more LIBERTARIANS to show up. A Ron Paul Republican marched with us with a giant Don't Tread On Me flag. No one bothered him. We marched together in solidarity. If we libertarians don't show up, they'll never hear our message. They'll never understand that it's the State vs the People. Show them that you ARE a part of the People. If you're absent and silent, if you don't speak up and speak out against the State in actual meaningful ways, not just keyboard warriors, you're allowing the continuation of State violence. We need you to show up.

Rallies and marches are a start but they aren't going to fix this.

We need more SOLUTIONS:

👉 We need to demilitarize the police.

👉 We need armed defense and training for civilians and to repeal racist gun control laws.

👉 We need to repeal laws that create non-violent crimes.

👉 We need laws that allow protection of private property.

👉 We need to vote in better local politicians and Sheriffs who will uphold our rights.

👉 We need to sue whenever we can and help fund lawsuits.

👉 We need to decentralize police deployment where police officers actually live in the neighborhoods they police.

👉 We need police to buy their own liability insurance instead of the taxpayers bailing out their bad behavior.

👉 We need to disempower police unions by either refusing to negotiate with a police union or by renogiating contracts that include provisions that erase disciplinary records and obstruct meaningful discipline of police officers who abuse their authority.

There is an issue for everybody!

Pro-guns? Anti-drug war? Anti-union? Pro-criminal justice reform? Anti-tax?

This issue affects EVERY citizen. We need to stand up and stand together against Antifa and the State. If you stay home and ignore either, the problem will continue to grow.