Thaddeus Russell Registers Strong

On Saturday, June 29th, LPKC and LPWA co-sponsored an event with Thaddeus Russell, author of A Renegade History of the United States and host of the Unregistered podcast. This was his first stop in a national tour titled "A New Meaning of Freedom."

The event brought in libertarians and non-libertarians alike to hear about Thaddeus's new way of looking at culture and power: a view where Kim Kardashian is more powerful than Donald Trump, where politicians wring their hands trying to understand the average person and their common sense, and where intellectual arguments try but can never ultimately break the individual spirit.

Thanks to our great sponsors, Nori and The Law Office of Jeff Jared, and ticket sales (VIP seats sold out nearly a week before the event) we managed to cover costs and more, making this crowd-pleasing event a great success!

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WA Insurance Commissioner candidate Anthony Welti speaks to the crowd before the event.