Legislators, Stop Appointing Dictators

Think that Washington voters successfully legalized the cannabis industry? You’d be wrong.

On April 17, three unelected bureaucrats appointed by Governor Inslee known as the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board woke up and decided that cannabis was too legal for their tastes, so they banned advertising at the industry’s largest event. Fortunately, the industry had lawyers and organizations like the ACLU. So a couple weeks ago the Attorney General decided to call off the dogs.

It should be shocking that three unelected bureaucrats could have the power to destroy an industry, but this is normal. At the federal level, there are hundreds of such regulations established this way every year. The current Code of Federal Regulations is over 180,000 pages long, adding thousands of pages each year (over 20,000 since 2010) containing hundreds of new rules, written by unelected busybodies appointed by executives like Governor Inslee and President Trump.

Delegating isn’t legislating. For our representative democracy to work, we must demand our legislators stop giving away powers to executives. If something is important enough to regulate, the legislature should regulate it directly so the people have a voice, not appoint dictators.