Reflecting on this past LPKC Convention (my first since joining the County party), I find myself both hopeful and humbled.

Hopeful for several reasons: we conducted an efficient and effective annual business meeting, elected a highly capable and increasingly diverse new Executive Board, were inspired by the thought-provoking remarks of Dr. Mary Ruwart and the continued momentum behind our drive to put forth a strong slate of candidates for this year’s election cycle.

Humbled by numerous challenges, none of which are new: The difficulty of presenting a viable & persuasive alternative for voters while struggling against a rigged duopolistic system. The near-daily trickle of news from Olympia that erodes our freedom and prosperity. The continued conflict of personalities and ideologies within our party.

As I assume the office of Chair (a position I did not seek but have accepted because I believe in our shared principles) I pledge to remain both hopeful and humbled throughout my term.

I will remain hopeful that as Libertarians, we have a unique opportunity to share our message with the public, build bridges both within and outside the party, and express the best of our ideology of individual liberty while respecting one another both in person and on social media.

I will remain humbled by the honor of being in this leadership position, with the clear understanding that we must “walk the talk” of our principles – especially when it comes to respecting one another despite our differences, and knowing that each of us is fallible, flawed and biased. We each are responsible for our own behavior and our own mistakes.

I ask no one to forget the past, to compromise their principles, or to be anything other than their authentic self. We can and will disagree, but we can do so respectfully. I do ask – humbly and hopefully – that we can stand shoulder to shoulder looking outward to seize opportunities and live our principles. Great things are possible if we can, and it’s a far better use of our time and energy.

Love, Logic and Liberty are LPKC’s watchwords. On my watch, I pledge that the new Board and I will be accountable for expressing them. In the coming month, we will sit down to renew our focus on them, and look through three key lenses: Activism, Candidates and Community. I look forward to sharing our ideas following that discussion.

As this new chapter begins, I am mindful of the progress we’ve made and should celebrate. I am hopeful for the opportunities ahead. I am humbled by the knowledge that we can and must do better. The responsibility to do so is one that the Board and I must and will accept.

In Liberty,

Nathan Deily