News From the Chair, July 2019

Friends of Liberty,

I’m pleased to offer a brief update on what’s been happening with the LP of King County. As a reminder, our business meetings are open to all party members, who are encouraged to attend. Following a successful convention just a few short months ago, we have hit the ground running.


· Our Liberty Talks (Eastside) and Liberty Supper Club (Seattle) events continue to host a variety of interesting and informative speakers. Recently we’ve had libertarian candidate and activist Allen Acosta and candidate for State Insurance Commissioner Anthony Welti. Looking ahead, we have activists, educators, and more in store. Contact Events Director Sydney Wissel with feedback or ideas.

· Our Thaddeus Russell event was a huge success and drew both strong ticket sales and sponsorships! Check out the recap.

· LPKC and the Snohomish County LP are co-hosting a Region 2 BBQ and volleyball throwdown in Kirkland on Saturday, August 10 at 2:30 PM. Come enjoy the beautiful summer weather with us!


· We’ve been actively supporting ballot initiatives and gathering signatures, including I-1648 (term limits on tax increases) and R-88 (a call for a referendum on the I-1000 move to reinstate affirmative action). We’ve built stronger relationships with Tim Eyman, the grassroots community, and our new friends at Washington Asians For Equality as a result.

· We continue to support Don’t Punish Pain in bringing awareness to the suffering of chronic pain patients, and to support anti-war protests against US intervention in Venezuela and Iran.

· We’re making further inroads with the cannabis community and will stand with them against the state’s regulatory overreach and punitive taxation. There’s a great opportunity at Hempfest August 16-18 in Seattle, and I encourage you to consider volunteering to support Anthony Welti’s campaign at that event.


· Our Candidate Growth Committee will publish a Liberty Voters’ Guide in collaboration with SnoCo that will include official endorsements of Libertarian candidates, as well as a “report card” on candidates who have responded to our questionnaire and/or sought us out due to similar views.

· We’ll have further updates about candidate events and volunteer opportunities soon.

We are financially healthy, blessed with a highly talented and energetic Executive Board, and optimistic about the future. We’ll have more exciting announcements to share as the year goes on.

In Liberty,

Nathan Deily

Chair, Libertarian Party of King County