News from the Chair, Sept/Oct 2019


After a successful summer BBQ with the SnoCo LP, we're looking forward to our joint Election Night Party with SnoCo Nov. 5. Our annual Holiday Party is coming up, and we're starting to plan for the 2020 Convention soon. If you have interest in planning or volunteering for the Convention, please contact me.

Our Liberty Talks and Liberty Supper Club events continue to draw an interesting and eclectic group of speakers. Coming up on Oct. 24, we've got Austin Collier of the local branch of Young Americans for Liberty, which is growing quickly this year. And on Nov. 13, Sebastian DeRosia, a leading proponent for the decriminalization of psychedelics in Washington State. If you have ideas for speakers at our events, we'd love to hear them.


We continue to build traction with Libertarian and liberty-curious candidates around the county, meeting with them and reviewing their answers to our candidate questionnaire. Keep an eye out for our upcoming Voter's Guide as we get closer to Election Day.

We'll also be looking to publicize events that Libertarian candidates are hosting in the coming weeks. Candidates, let us know if you're hosting these.


We've participated in three rallies in Seattle in support of the Hong Kong protests, and remain in close contact with Washington Asians for Equality, whose R-88 initiative we endorsed earlier this year. If you're aware of upcoming rallies or protests, please bring them to our attention on our Facebook page and we'll gladly help spread the word. 

We are also working to cover the city of Seattle before Election Day in "Reject I-88" signs, against racial discrimination in hiring. There are hundreds available to put up -- contact us if you can help.

Our Secretary, David Johnson, recently came across some irregularities with political campaign donations in Kirkland, and is working with local media to publicize details about an active PDC investigation.

And given the recent trend in alarmism around vaping, we're looking for people to help build a grassroots outreach program to local vape shops. Interested? Contact me.

Yours in Liberty,

Nathan Deily