News from the Chair, January 2020

2019 In Review

Friends of Liberty,

If you’ve been following our blog posts and social media, you know that 2019 was an incredibly active year for us, focused on Community, Candidates, and Activism. Heading into a presidential election cycle, the level and pace of activity is only going to increase.


We hosted a plethora of events through Liberty Talks and Liberty Supper Club, featuring prominent local activists, and a very successful special event with podcaster and historian Thaddeus Russell. We co-hosted a successful summer barbecue with SnoCo and a holiday party fundraiser for Anthony Welti. If you’re interested in serving on the Executive Board, we expect to have a number of opportunities available, supporting events and more.

As we get closer to State and National Conventions, we’ll share additional details about how we’re connected to the larger Libertarian movement. Our King County Convention is set for February 29th at the Issaquah Eagles Club, with keynote speaker Scott Horton of the Libertarian Institute,, and the Scott Horton Show joining us for a VIP Dinner at Big Block Brewing in Redmond. Registration will open very soon.

Our social media presence continues to grow and propel vigorous discussion and debate about current events and libertarian ideals, and we continue to build a relationship with the media to help build awareness of our message.

Finally, we’re excited to unveil a new subscription membership opportunity! Signing up for a monthly or yearly subscription will help you support LPKC initiatives AND get convention registration and all event tickets included in one package. We'll unveil this opportunity with convention registration — stay tuned.


We formally endorsed 3 candidates in City Council elections in King County, and partnered with SnoCo LP to produce our first Voter’s Guide. We have endorsed Anthony Welti for State Insurance Commissioner and will be supporting him throughout 2020 — join us at Welti's campiagn kickoff on February 8. We welcome anyone interested in running for public office to contact the Candidate Growth Committee, led by our Vice Chair. When our party’s presidential candidate is chosen, we’ll share details about how we can support their campaign efforts.


We’re built strong relationships with a number of grassroots organizations, including but not limited to the Answer Coalition, #DontPunishPain, Washington Asians for Equality and Grassroots Against I-1000. We stood alongside protestors and freedom fighters in Hong Kong. We protested war with Iran, and championed Bill of Rights Day. We formally endorsed I-1648, R-88, and I-976 (and helped the latter two initiatives to pass), gathering signatures and driving votes in King County and beyond. We are currently working to support I-1082 and I-1094 and have voted as an executive board to endorse these initiatives as well.

Thanks for making 2019 a great year, and in advance for 2020.