LPWA Convention Recap

The Libertarian Party of Washington State had its annual convention last weekend, and it was an enormous success! Over $20K raised between ticket sales and the Ryan Cooper auction show! Friday night featured the "Take Human Action" bash (named for the revolutionary economics text by Ludvig Von Mises), featuring speakers Angela McCardle and Pete Quinones.

McCardle (below), is the Chair of the Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County, as well as a former candidate for Congress and a candidate for chair of LP National in 2022. She spoke on the importance of brave & bold messaging in the face of unprecedented government tyranny and about the anti-lockdown protests that she had personally been organizing to push back against the harshest (and notably ineffective) lockdowns.

Quinones (below) is the host of the Free Man Beyond the Wall podcast, as well as the producer of The Monopoly on Violence . He likewise echoed many of McCardle's sentiments regarding being unapologetically principled in our libertarianism, refusing to placate those who are fundamentally opposed to human liberty, as well as discussing the importance of agorism.

The next day, LPWA handled business, bylaws and including electing a new board. With regards to the former, strict regional representatives (several of which have been, at times, vacant) were eliminated in favor of electing 8 at-large representatives. The new board is as follows (congratulations to all new members!):

Chair - Anna Johnson Vice Chair: Layla Bush

Secretary: Data Logan Treasurer (returning): Brett Borden

At Large: Lloyd Morris, Whitney Davis, Danielle Silar, Stuart Knight, Miguel Duque, Ryan Cooper, Ken Armstrong, and Jeremy Weeks.

Also congratulations to our out-going chair and vice chair on being elected to the judiciary - well done to Randy McGlenn and Tiffany Diaz Deleon!

In between business, the great Scott Horton, author of the newly released Enough Already: Time to End the War on Terrorism, (as well as Fool's Errand) broke down 75 years of failed US foreign policy in the Middle East and how misadventures by both administrations from both halves of the duopoly led us down a path to inevitable blowback. Scott - who is also the director of the Libertarian Institute has spoken these truths over the course of over 5000 podcast episodes featured on anti-war.com.

That evening, Apollo Pazell - head of the Libertarian Frontier Project spoke about nuts & bolts of targeting winnable races, fundraising, and doing what needs to be done - and the successes generated with victories attained over the last couple election cycles, including Kalish Morrow (Hanford CA city council) and Marshall Burt (state assembly in Wyoming).

That evening, Matt Kibbe (below), gave a rousing speech about where we as libertarians draw our ideological roots and about the various ways that we can promote freedom in an unfree society - to an absolutely captivated delegation. Matt, along with his wife Terry, runs the organization "Free the People" and is also the author of Don't Hurt People and Don't Take their Stuff: A Libertarian Manifesto.

Sunday brought several panels, MC'd by the booming voice of Ken Armstrong:

Covington City Council member (and former LPKC vice chair) Joseph Cimaomo spoke of how he has worked within the system to limit government and taxes while promoting freedom on a local level:

Next up was a panel of three more elected libertarians - Kalish Morrow (Hanford CA City Council), Cara Schulz (Burnsville MN City Council)

Next up was the sex workers panel featuring advocate and LPKC supermember Isley Boxley as well as self-described "Wonder Harlot" Maggie McNeal, discussing sex work and the on-going effort to decriminalize sex work in Washington:

Wrapping up was the small business owners panel with three local business owners - Jason Huff, Kyle Corn, and Robert McGee (owner of the outstanding Whiskey Gulch, which were amazing hosts to us all weekend long):

All in all - an extremely enlightening, informative weekend, and an excellent opportunity to meet and mingle with libertarians, exchange ideas, conduct the business of the party, and set ourselves up for an exciting year ahead! Thanks to everyone who came out!