LP King County Convention Recap

Thanks to everyone who came out and made the 2021 LPKC Convention a success! (note: personal apologies from me on just getting around to recapping it a month later).

The officers presented our reports on the past year, with out-going chair Miguel demonstrating his filibustering potential should he ever seek higher office!

We elected a brand new board...which closely resembled our old board:

We've shuffled around a bit, and added brand new member Lainie as our secretary, who has wasted no time leading a number of process improvement initiatives. Elliot and Danielle were unanimously elected Chair and Vice Chair respectfully, while Miguel and John are staying on the board as at-large members. Connor is remaining in his role as treasurer, keeping us in the clear as far as PDC status and overall cash flow.

We had a few guest speakers, including Lindsay McHaffie, who spoke on her background with dealing with uncaring government and how it has motivated her run for Seattle City Council:

Leo from Decriminalize Nature spoke of the benefits of psychedelics and the ongoing effort (read our endorsement here) to decriminalize mushrooms and all related psychedelic drugs.

Tim Moen (leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada) speaking on being brave and unapologetically radical in a time of rampant government tyranny.

LPKC Executive Director Anthony Welti - who netted over 320,000 votes in a 3-way race in his race for Insurance Commissioner - spoke on his experience with running an election here in Washington state:

(quick plug: Danielle created that masterpiece which she auctioned off for $150!)

We capped off with selfies and karaoke, properly lubricated with a kegerator provided by libertarian super hero Jacob Erbes.

Thanks everyone for coming out! Whether you're in King County or anywhere in the state, please join our discord server for the latest news, updates, and dank liberty memes!