Libertarian Vice Presidential Candidate Spike Cohen Speaks in Olympia

LPKC and the rest of freedom lovers in Washington were graced to be visited last weekend by Libertarian Party VP pick Spike Cohen, on the final stop of his cross-country road-trip. It also meant a homecoming for Anthony Welti, who had gone on the road to serve as Spike's campaign coordinator.

The event got off to an interesting start, as a busybody with the state government told us that Spike had to move the campaign bus (which was also powering all sound equipment). This was on the basis that the bus was "blocking a road." See for yourself:

Moral of the story: government ruins everything...almost. Enter the LPKC bullhorn, a dedicated group of Libertarians, and a fiery advocate for the principles of liberty. Spike Cohen spoke of the true nature of government - not simply a group of well-intentioned idiots, but corruption and evil at its most clear: a Federal Reserve that implements a hidden tax on us all to enrich well-connected banks, a military-industrial complex that enriches well-connected defense contractors, and power-hungry bureaucrats who arbitrarily declared human beings "non-essential" and took away their means to earn a living. Seeing a candidate unafraid to promote libertarianism and what a free world really looks like was refreshing for the audience and showed that the LP is offering a true alternative in 2020.

The rally earned some press in The Seattle Times, The Olympian, and the Daily Chronicle

and resulted in some awesome photos, courtesy of LPKC Volunteer Coordinator Danielle Siler!