Libertarian Party of King County Endorses I-1648 and R-88 Petitions

Friends of liberty,

It’s my honor and pleasure as Chair of the Libertarian Party of King County to report that our Executive Board has voted to endorse two petition efforts underway: one for I-1648, which would place term limits on tax increases, and one for R-88, a proposed referendum on the recently passed I-1000, which reinstates affirmative action in the State of Washington by overturning the Civil Rights Act of 1998 that prohibits the state’s use of racial (and other) characteristics in hiring decisions.

We’ll have paper copies of these petitions available at all of our June events, including Thaddeus Russell’s appearance June 29, and we hope you’ll join us and add your name. Signed petitions are due back by July 5.

I-1648 is backed by Tim Eyman, a force of nature in Washington politics who has been a tireless advocate on behalf of the people against out-of-control taxation. His efforts synchronize well with our recent #StopTaxingtheHellOutofUs protests and the message of fiscal responsibility and limited government that our current and former candidates have espoused. Further details about the initiative are available here, including the rationale in Tim’s own words.

R-88 is a reaction to Initiative 1000, as mentioned above. LPKC has been working closely with Washington Asians for Equality (sponsors of this measure), and we crafted a joint letter to the editor (submitted first to the Stranger and then the Seattle Times, both of which declined to acknowledge it), which I am including below for your reference:

To the Editor,

Bigotry is irrational and repugnant. The assumption that all members of a so-called “category” of people share common and/or immutable characteristics is bigoted and false.

Initiative I-1000 overturns the clear and unambiguous will of the voters of Washington State as articulated in the Civil Rights Act of 1998 (I-200) and doubles down on the intellectually dishonest practice of judging individuals through the lens of labels.

Considering labels like race, gender identity or sexual orientation as part of a hiring decision deprives candidates of agency, dignity and individuality and conflates their identity with those labels. Moreover, we have seen the damage caused by these policies on display in the recent Harvard University admissions lawsuit – legislating in this way has unintended consequences that end up hurting the people these laws claim to protect.

The fight for justice demands that we honor and respect individuals as individuals, not by carelessly categorizing them and telling them that those labels define them and that their opportunity and prosperity are defined by them.

We should be working instead on ways to empower individuals of all races, identities, and orientations, so every person is free to pursue their own happiness.


Nathan Deily, Chair, Libertarian Party of King County

Kan Qiu, Washington Asians for Equality

The Libertarian Party of King County encourages Libertarians and the liberty-minded to sign these petitions and spread the word about them.

Thank you for your attention and in advance for your support,

In Liberty,

Nathan Deily

Chair, Libertarian Party of King County