Letter to the Editor: Gun Rights

To the Editor:

A disarmed people are much easier to take advantage of.

On this anniversary of the Massacre at Wounded Knee, we should not forget the legacy of forced disarmament – a “mass shooting” perpetrated by a government determined to ignore treaties, destroy the Lakota and rob them of their land .

This year, Seattle’s police department rehired an officer who punched a handcuffed black woman in the face, and a misguided ballot initiative sought to strip the constitutional right to keep and bear arms from our most vulnerable citizens.

The guarantees of our Washington State and US Constitution are not suggestions to be discarded when it’s inconvenient for those in power – they exist to prevent a repeat of this brutality, from bad cops to bad presidents.

We cannot rely on government to protect us, or blindly trust public servants to be ethical and just. We must demand accountability, and protect both our freedom and ourselves. Limiting access to firearms only concentrates power in the hands of the state.

The legacy of victimization and abuse did not end with a Congressional resolution expressing “deep regret” for Wounded Knee in 1990, and it continues here in Washington State today.