Hong Kong, Resist! LPKC stands for freedom against China

Hong Kongers have been rising up against a new bill that would allow political dissidents to be extradited to China. And police are hitting back hard with tanks and tear gas. They even shot a teenager.

Protests against government oppression and force? We're there! LPKC is proud to call for freedom alongside the Hong Kong dissidents and our friends in the Chinese Democracy and Human Rights Alliance. We've been at three protests so far at Westlake Park in Seattle.

Check out video from the most recent, on October 6.

King County Libertarians at Westlake Park in August.

The protesters' five demands for China to back off.

LPKC Chair Nathan Deily with his #eyeforhongkong, in honor of the Hong Kong woman whose eye was shot and ruptured at a protest by a police bean gun.

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