Contra Statist #4 - I'm with Her

We have a nominee! And most of us within the Libertarian Party couldn’t be happier! Jo Jorgensen was nominated in the fourth round and has given the Libertarian Party a wonderful voice, combining radical principles with a pragmatic message. And, also, though it isn’t the raison d’etre for her campaign, she’s a woman. Enter CNN, to explain to us why we’re all just a bunch of Russian agents for not immediately backing a creepy demented pervert.

On Saturday night, the Libertarian Party formally nominated as its 2020 presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen, a psychology lecturer at Clemson University. In celebration, Jorgensen promptly took to Twitter to "repurpose" Hillary's Clinton's 2016 "I'm With Her" slogan as her own. On Sunday, the slogan was trending as Libertarians promoted it and self-described Clinton supporters pushed back.

Three sentences and, so far, no lies. New CNN Record!

Jorgensen does advocate some positions that many progressives, including me, find appealing, such as putting a stop to US involvement in what feels to be never-ending wars.

That position has not been shared by your preferred nominee, Joe Biden – who not only voted for the current on-going longest wars in American history, but also was Vice President when we decided to get involved in mass murder campaigns in Libya, Yemen, and Syria.

She also lays out other positions, however, that I vehemently disagree with, such as eliminating federal programs that help the poor.

After over half-a-century and trillions of dollars on the War on Poverty, the onus should really be on you to show that these programs actually help the poor. But, you can’t.

But here's the cold hard truth in 2020: the hashtag "I'm with Her" should be revised to more accurately read "I'm with Donald Trump" -- because that's what voting for her or any third-party candidate means in this election. Here's more cold, hard truth given our two-party system: If you want to defeat Trump in 2020, the only choice is Joe Biden.

Ah yes. A vote for him is a vote for the other guy. That’s so original! We’ve never heard that one before!

This is especially true after the lessons of the 2016 presidential election. As a CNN analysis confirms, Clinton would have won the presidency if she had received the bulk of the ballots cast for the leading third-party candidates, Jill Stein and Gary Johnson, in key swing states. Stein alone picked up more votes in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin than Trump's margin of victory in each of these states, which were seen as the key to Trump's victory.

See the key operating assumption here: “if she had received the bulk of ballots.” The arrogance and entitlement behind this comment is astounding. Of course, Hillary Clinton had to be our second choice. We couldn’t have rejected her because she advocated and spearheaded those never-ending wars you were just talking about. The fact of the matter is that most of us who voted third party would rather have not voted than vote for a principle-less warmonger who instigated civil wars to advance her political career.

No one should blame Stein or Johnson for Clinton losing -- there's no way to know for sure that all those who cast a ballot for either of those third-party candidates would've voted for Clinton -- or even voted at all. But given what we saw in 2016, we are all on notice for 2020 that the best shot to defeat Trump is by voting for the Democratic nominee.

Defeating Donald Trump is your number 1 priority. Got it. Did you ever consider that some people (even non-Trump supporters) have other priorities – like advancing the cause of liberty that the major parties have so thoroughly sought to erode? For those of us in parties without automatic ballot access, corporate media support, and backing of massive special interests, voting for the lesser of two evils is not the priority.

The delta between a 73 year old big-spending, drug-warring, interventionist warmonger with a history of racist comments and probable sexual assault and the 77 year old big-spending, drug-warring, interventionist warmonger with a history of racist comments and probable sexual assault isn’t all that much when you step outside the 3-by-5 index card of allowable opinion that the Corporate Press has attempted to paint all Americans into.

I and countless others in our country simply don't have the privilege to demand purity or vote for a third party to send a message in 2020. To many, defeating Trump is personal. After all, his words and policies have caused us personal pain.

You think it’s privilege to have to grab and claw just for a voice and a spot on the ballot? That’s privilege to you? Really?

For example, I'm Muslim. Trump made Muslim bashing a centerpiece of his 2016 campaign, from his call for "a total and complete shutdown" on Muslims entering the country to comments like "Islam hates us." One of his first acts after being sworn in was to sign a ban targeting travelers from various Muslim majority nations. And Trump's stirring up hate against my community has continued with his retweets of vile bigots, including just a few weeks ago when he retweeted a right-wing activist -- someone the Anti-Defamation League has dubbed "an anti-Muslim blogger" -- who suggested that Muslims in America might have more rights than Christians to worship during the Covid-19 shutdowns. (In reality, US mosques were closed for services -- even during the recently concluded holy month of Ramadan.)

As a Senator, Joe Biden voted for two unlimited authorizations of military force that have killed or displaced over a million Muslims. Then, as Vice President, he was part of an administration that funded ISIS in order to instigate a Civil War in Syria that has resulted in hundreds of thousands more deaths. We’re with you on why Trump’s policies are abhorrent – but can’t you see how the “lesser of two evils” is still pretty freaking evil?

Trump has targeted various other communities with his demonizing rhetoric and discriminatory policies, from painting Hispanic immigrants as a dangerous threat to the US to attacking the rights of the LGBTQ community. He has slammed as "sons of bitches" the mostly black NFL players who took a knee during the national anthem to protest against racism and police brutality, while praising Confederate monuments -- that to many celebrate white supremacy -- as being "beautiful." Trump has also defended various high-profile Republican men like Alabama politician Roy Moore and former Fox News head Roger Ailes against allegations of sexual misconduct while often attacking women who come forward as "liars."

Cool story, still not going to vote for the guy who authored the 1994 crime bill that imprisoned so many of those people for victimless crimes or who voted for the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act that restricted the rights of that LGBTQ community that you claim to care about.

If Trump wins in 2020, common sense says we can expect more of the same from him. If that doesn't trouble you, then vote third party or sit out this election awaiting the perfect candidate. But for those who want to help end this political nightmare there is only one choice come November -- and that's Biden.

It's very important to CNN and the rest of the blue-pill pushing community that we view the Trump administration as an anomaly. The fact of the matter is that the spending has continued to go up, the wars have continued, and unlimited spying continues to get renewed. The policies of the Bush/Cheney Administration continued and expanded under Obama/Biden and have remained largely unchanged under Donald Trump. The only real change would come from electing Jo Jorgensen who promises to bring our troops home, curb spending, get government out of our lives.

To that end, I’m with Her.