Big Mo: News from the Chair, February 2020

Friends of Liberty,

2020 is shaping up to be a dramatic year for the Libertarian Party of King County, and for the Libertarian Party in general.

if you've been watching this space, you've no doubt seen the regular reports about our focus on candidates, community and activism. Our convention is taking place at the end of this month, and we've had a really robust response to our Guest Speaker Scott Horton, and to our new subscription-based model for funding our efforts. We've got great momentum, and are better organized and effective than ever.

All credit for this is due to the fantastic volunteers who make up our Board, and the leaders who helped build this effort from scratch just a few short years ago. Now's the time to step up and get involved -- as a volunteer, or as a Board member. We're looking for people to help plan events and activism, continue to improve our operational efficiency, and strengthen our ability to field competitive candidates for office. If you're interested, drop us a line.

We've seen an exciting surge from the local Mises Caucus community, and are building a relationship with Young Americans of Liberty, and many other liberty-adjacent groups you've seen mentioned in this space.

This past weekend, the Executive Board and I attended one of the best attended and most exciting Libertarian Party events I've been to in a while, Anthony Welti's campaign kickoff event. There were lots of Libertarians there, of course, but more importantly, there were Democrats, Republicans and Independents -- people who are opening their ears and minds to the ideals of liberty and to a positive message about the change that's possible in our state if we're all willing to get involved. As we speak, our colleagues in the state party are planning their annual convention, where delegates will be selected to attend the LP National Convention in Austin, TX this coming Memorial Day Weekend, during which our party's Presidential ticket will be selected.

In the last Presidential election cycle, the LP tripled the amount of votes it received in the prior cycle. According to Dan Fishman, executive director of the National Party: "In 2016, the Libertarian Party had full ballot access in all 50 states thanks to the tireless efforts of staff and volunteers, and generous donors. This year we seek the same goal, which will also make the Libertarian Party the first alternative party in US history to secure 50-state ballot access in two consecutive Presidential elections."

We've got momentum locally, at the State level and at the National level -- that momentum can be amplified with your help. I'm looking forward to seeing you all at the upcoming conventions, and building our plan for a successful 2020.

In Liberty, Nathan Deily, Chair