A New Meaning of Freedom

I’m very pleased and proud to announce on behalf of the LPKC Executive Board that we’re sponsoring (with the help of LPWA) a fantastic event on Saturday, June 29th from 4-7 at Slim’s Last Chance in Seattle: We’re extremely fortunate to have famous author, historian and podcaster Thaddeus Russell as our speaker, presenting “A New Meaning of Liberty”.

Importantly, Thad is not a libertarian, but his podcast, books and ideas appeal to many people in the liberty movement, and he’s friendly with a lot of people who are in it. He’s a regular guest on the Fifth Column and Joe Rogan podcasts and has contributed to Reason. He’s also the founder of Renegade University.

This is an event designed to appeal to a broad audience – to get us out in the community and interacting with people who are not already within our circles. As noted in the intro to the podcast, “It’s about expanding the scope of what it’s possible to say in our society.” Free speech needs to be regularly exercised.

A few words about Thad – on a personal note, I can say that both the Unregistered podcast and A Renegade History of the United States changed my life, and that’s no understatement. I am a better person and a better Libertarian because of what I’ve learned through the book and his show.

But you don’t have to take my word for it – I’m not the only one. Ask Joshua Childress, a Border Patrol agent who quit his job, with no certain alternatives at hand, because he listened to the podcast, specifically the episode with Maggie McNeill, a sex worker and activist who challenged his thinking about freedom, self-ownership and self-determination. And that’s just one example.

Listen to the speech he recently gave at Anarchopulco or check out any of the other podcast episodes. You’ll be glad you did – and while you may not always agree with him or his guests (I certainly don’t), you will encounter people and ideas that make you think.

It’s happening Saturday, June 29th from 4-7 PM at Slim’s Last Chance in Seattle. Tickets are $10 in advance for general admission, $20 at the door, and $25 for VIP tickets with preferred seating and first crack at the Q&A following the talk. Additional sponsorship opportunities are also available.

Check out the event on our Facebook page, or our website. Buy tickets and tell your friends… we’re looking forward to seeing you there.

In Liberty,

Nathan Deily

Chair, Libertarian Party of King County