A Late-2020 Letter from the Chair of LPKC

Dear Libertarians of King County and Washington,

What a year that we’ve seen so far. One for the history books, that is for sure. Let’s just see to it that those history books are written properly and factually.

The Libertarian Party of King County is pressing onward through election season and beyond. We have held and will continue to hold events, have engaged and will continue to engage in campaigning and activism, and have persisted and will continue to persist toward a world set free in our lifetime (and the sooner the better).

We have spearheaded or been involved in a pretty cool variety of projects throughout the year, so much so that I would need to write a seemingly endless run-on sentence in order to really paint a picture for you.

From holding our LPKC annual convention and event with Scott Horton in late February, to attending reopen rallies since the start of the lockdowns, attending and tabling at March for Our Rights (and getting to appear in the new Borat movie), visiting and commentating from CHAZ/CHOP, helping plan and execute rather successful Jo Jorgensen and Spike Cohen tour stops and rallies with attendance in the hundreds and media coverage, successfully petitioning in public as well as “virtually” for signatures to get Jo and Spike on the ballot in WA and thereby in all 50 states (our good friends Jorge, Stephen, and Brandon even got kicked out of a Walmart parking lot), becoming among the first local organizations to partner with the Decriminalize Nature campaign to nullify prohibition of psychedelic plants in Washington, going to Orlando to participate in the National LP Convention and having a killer time together, campaigning and lit dropping for our esteemed champion of liberty Mr. Anthony Welti (who got even more votes than Gary Johnson in 2016), interviewing and endorsing a variety of primary and general candidates as listed in our voter guides produced by Nathan Deily, throwing a crab & shrimp boil at Jacob Erbes’s home to benefit our endorsed general election candidates such as Marliza Melzer, producing huge 8-foot Jo Jorgensen signs and having them installed around the state (massive kudos to Matt Seymour and Stephen Meier for generously donating their multiple weekends of travel and labor), waving those huge signs in Downtown Bellevue and then having a fun cookout in the park, holding and attending dozens of other sign waves and campaign events such the “Let Her Debate” car convoy, securing local media appearances such as Bess Byers speaking on KIRO 7 at our counter-protest to the “Tax Amazon” rally by Kashama Sawant and her socialist goons, as well as myself appearing on a full-length special on Fox Q13’s “The Divide” with Brandi Kruse as the Libertarian member of her voter panel (thanks to Anthony for setting that up), and likely a bunch of other awesome things that have happened that I am forgetting to mention...

It goes without saying that, against all odds, we have done everything in our power in 2020 to simultaneously fight for liberty, spread our message, and perhaps most importantly, be a community and family of freedom-loving people helping each other brave these bizarre and perilous times.

Never have the stakes been higher nor the need been more dire for Libertarians and the liberty movement as a whole to rise up, as small a tireless/irate minority as we may be, to withdraw our consent from the failed institutions of statism that are imploding around us, and to begin laying the foundations for and actually building alternative means of peaceful coexistence and prosperity based on self-ownership, non-agression, and freedom.

We cannot and must not wait to be given permission to be free. We cannot and must not abide by one unprecedented expansion of tyranny after another. We cannot and must not trust the government to keep us safe or to heal the multi-generational trauma and social ills that are culminating in tumultuous and even fatal consequences.

We will have to find a way to do all of that ourselves, voluntarily and peacefully, and then actually do it.

We appreciate you for being part of our community. Whether you are one of our dedicated volunteers, a sponsor, donor, or dues-paying member, or merely someone who likes coming to our events from time to time or hanging out with us on social media, you matter to me, and you matter to your fellow Libertarians.

Please continue to engage with and support LP King County, LP Washington, and the many different groups and individuals in our philosophical movement working toward the vision of liberty in their own way.

Coming up soon on December 5th, we are throwing a huge holiday party, open to libertarians from around Washington and the PNW, featuring special guest Thaddeus Russell, with a turkey potluck dinner, DJ and karaoke, white elephant gift exchange, and more, which you will not want to miss! So get your holiday party tickets now or become a monthly sponsor or annual sponsor of LPKC, which comes with your holiday party ticket(s) included plus more.

Also, please stay tuned for new digital content from LP King County, including regular livestreams/podcasts and monthly Virtual Liberty Talks. We will be ramping up more regular email communications, as we have been a bit narrowly focused this year on our Facebook group and page, which has grown a lot along with our Instagram following but is subject to the tyranny of Mark Zuckerberg and his statist cronies. Thus, we urge you to look out for our emails and join/follow us on as many other platforms as possible, such as our Discord chat server, MeWe group, Minds.com group, and more to come. I myself recently left and disable my personal Facebook and Instagram but can be found on these and other platforms for anyone interested in following my content.

Thank you, and as Ludwig von Mises implored, may we never give in to evil but proceed ever more boldly against it.

For liberty,

Miguel Duque

2020 Chair of LP King County