2020 LPKC Voter's Guide

Primary Ballots have hit the mailboxes, and it's time to share our endorsements (and a few non-endorsed but noteworthy) candidates. Attached please find a copy of our 2020 Libertarian party of King County Voter's Guide.

Friends of Liberty,

It’s my pleasure to share LPKC’s official endorsements for the upcoming 2020 elections. Our process included an assessment of all “declared” Libertarians running for elected office inside King County and beyond, as well as outreach to “liberty adjacent” or “liberty curious” candidates running within King County.

LPKC 2020 Voter's Guide
Download PDF • 644KB

We contacted 13 “declared” Libertarian candidates, and 12 responded. One of those not responding withdrew from the ballot. After a thorough review of their answers to our questionnaire, and some additional vetting, we are proud to officially endorse 10 Libertarian Candidates.

We contacted 8 “liberty curious/adjacent” candidates in races that included King County, and 2 responded. It is our policy (and required by LPWA bylaws) not to endorse candidates who are not running as declared Libertarians, but we are including them for your information/consideration as they did respond to the questionnaire and may represent a better option than other candidates in those races. Links to all of their relevant digital/social media properties (if available) are included for your convenience.

It’s also important to call out the very important efforts underway to promote the Jo Jorgensen/Spike Cohen campaign for POTUS/VP. As you know, the LP nominated those candidates at our historic online convention this past Memorial Day Weekend, and many of our members were selected as delegates and helped lead a very capable performance by the LPWA delegation both there and in Orlando. If you’d like to learn more about efforts in WA to support Jo and Spike, click here.

Finally, it’s my pleasure to say that we’re doing more than ever to support Libertarian candidates, directly and indirectly, with fundraising, social media outreach, and grassroots activism. We’ve got big momentum, and we’re fighting to win, especially with Anthony Welti’s historic and dramatically successful campaign for State Insurance Commissioner blazing a trail for down- and cross- ballot LP candidates.

We’ve got a tremendous opportunity to make a difference this cycle, and we’re already thinking ahead to upcoming county and municipal elections, where we aim to target winnable seats and start building a cohort of elected Libertarians at that level.

So we ask that you give – your votes, your time, your money and your energy to our endorsed candidates, and if you’re not already a member of LPKC, we cordially invite you to join us.

“Our goal is nothing more nor less than a world set free in our lifetime, and it is to this end that we take these stands.” - Libertarian Party Statement of Principles, Preamble

In Liberty,

Nathan Deily - Political Director, Libertarian Party of King County