Libertarians running for office

Matt Dubin - WA State Representative - T

Matt Dubin, State Representative 

36th LD (Position 2)

Matt has lived in Seattle for over 20 years and owns a law firm in Seattle. Previously vice chair of LPKC, Matt is running a historic campaign on the slogan "There is No Them" to rally voters in Seattle tired of divisive partisan politics. With the help of an experienced Libertarian team, he has raised over $35,000 already and is only $150 short of his opponent, an 11-year politician who is a member of the Democrat leadership in the House. You can find out more about his campaign at

Sydney Wissel.jpg

Sydney G. Wissel, State Representative 36th LD (Position 1)

Sydney is a long-time Libertarian and lifetime King County resident. A mother and small business owner, having to find non-public options to meet the needs of her daughter has made her passionate about improving education opportunities for parents and taking tax dollars back from pet projects to your pocket. You can follow her on her Facebook page.

Bryan Simonson.jpg

Bryan Simonson, State Senator

36th LD

Bryan is an active Libertarian supporter and current Region 2 Representative for LPWA. He is running to give voters a Libertarian alternative to establishment Democrat politicians in Seattle. You can follow him on his Facebook page.

Mike Luke - US Senate - Washington State

Mike Luke, US Senate

Mike is a familiar name to many in Washington as he ran for US Senate in 2016 with us. A longtime Snohomish County resident, salesman, small business owner, and active leader, he is the current vice chair and political director with the Snohomish Libertarian Party. You can find out more about his campaign at

Richard T. Reyes - US House of Represent

Richard T. Reyes, US House

8th CD

Richard is a volunteer and leader with Young Americans for Liberty who is running for office for the first time. A veteran, father, and Uber driver, Richard hopes to challenge the younger generation look beyond the partisan fighting today to innovate in solving the hard problems ahead of us. You can follow Richard on his Facebook page.

Charles Schaefer, State Senator

33rd LD

Charles is an active Libertarian leader, currently serving as Secretary for LPKC and as Treasurer for LPWA, who has run for local and state office several times before. He is known for his activity in local politics in Burien as well as volunteering with Transform Burien. You can follow him on his Facebook page.

Matt Seymour for WA House of Representat

Matt Seymour, State Representative

1st LD (Position 2) 

Matt has always had the view that people should be able to run their own lives as long as they don't harm others, and in 2016 he decided to join the Libertarian Party to move that message forward in politics. An experienced property manager in Bothell, he brings expertise in solving our housing crisis to the ballot in a district spanning King and Snohomish counties. You can follow Matt on his Facebook page.

Nathaniel Deily_edited.jpg

Nathaniel Deily, State Representative 41st LD (Position 1)

Nathan is a long-time Libertarian fed up with local politicians ignoring the voters and increasing restrictions on business. A Microsoft employee and board member of Operation: Cigars For Warriors, he wants to get the word out that politicians need to stop being misguided bureaucrats and start protecting our rights. You can follow Nathan on his Facebook page.

Boris Joffe, State Representative 43rd L

Boris Joffe, State Representative 43rd LD (Position 2)

Boris will be getting the libertarian message out on the ballot while running as an Independent in the heart of hard-left Seattle. A young software engineer in Seattle, this is his first time running for office and he hopes to introduce voters to libertarian ideas while building connections to the community.