Who We Are

Board Members (2020-2021)

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Miguel Duque, Chair

Miguel Duque is a Libertarian activist and advocate for voluntaryism (the philosophy that every individual owns oneself and all relationships should be voluntary). His personal life's mission is "to lay the foundations for a voluntary, peaceful world through leadership, philosophy, and love." Discovering libertarianism through Ron Paul in 2011, Miguel is a proponent of the Austrian School of economics. Outside of politics, Miguel is a business coach working with small businesses across various industries. He was born and raised in Houston, TX before moving to Bellevue, WA with his wife and three cats.


John Bowen, Vice Chair

John Bowen is an aerospace project manager, new to King County as of 2019. A self-described ex-neocon when he was in high school, John grew disillusioned with the so-called bipartisan foreign policy
consensus during his time in the military as a submarine officer and elected to pursue the philosophy of freedom, voting for Gary Johnson in 2016, attending the California State convention in 2018, and going all-in with the Libertarian Party of King County as Vice Chair and as a Washington state delegate in 2020.


Conor Kirkman, Treasurer

Conor is a proud Libertarian who was involved in the Ron Paul movement, having gone to campaign for Dr. Paul in the Iowa Caucus. As the Treasurer for LPKC, Conor oversees the maintenance and growth of our treasury and maximizing the return of our donors' contributions to advance liberty.

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Elliott Jacksch, Secretary

Elliott is a proud Libertarian who, as Secretary for LPKC, oversees the operations of our board and adherence to our bylaws. Elliott is a tech professional by day living in Renton, WA.


Danielle Siler, Volunteer Director

Danielle is a lifetime Libertarian and social worker who recently transplanted to Seattle with her dog, Rambo, in an RV. In her free time, she makes mixed media art & crafts, plays video/board games & goes to concerts. She would love to connect with you about volunteer opportunities with the LPKC!


Jacob Erbes, Outreach Director

Jacob has been libertarian since birth, and a card-carrying Libertarian Party member since 2008. He has been involved in with the LP in Colorado, Virginia, Maryland, and now in his new home of Washington. Currently Jacob is the Region 2 Alternate for the LPWA State Executive Committee, and King County Representative focusing on Outreach and growth of mindsets and the party. In his spare time, he is an avid fly fisherman and home brewer.


Nathan Deily, Political Director

Nathan is a Libertarian activist who ran for State Legislature (41st LD) in 2018. He is a motorcycle enthusiast and board member for the charity Operation: Cigars for Warriors. He oversees candidate support and field organizing for LPKC.