Who We Are

Board Members


Nathan Deily, Chair

Nathan is a Libertarian activist who ran for State Legislature (41st LD) in 2018. He is a motorcycle enthusiast and board member for the charity Operation: Cigars for Warriors. He oversees business and operations for LPKC.

joseph cimaomo.png

Joseph Cimaomo, Vice Chair

Joseph is a Covington City Councilman and Libertarian activist.

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Kneil Wissel, Treasurer

Kneil is a CPA, husband, father, and passionate AnCap. He enjoys philosophizing, researching history, and making compelling arguments for increasing freedom.


David Johnson, Secretary

David is a tech professional, husband, and father. He challenges the two-party system to end war and debt for his children's generation.

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Sydney Wissel, Events Director

Sydney is a wife, mother, former candidate and entrepreneur.  She is working to combat inefficient spending and is passionate about bringing diversity to education.  Sydney manages events for LPKC.


Anna Johnson, Communications Director

Anna Johnson is a writer and editor. She cares about empowering individuals who’ve been harmed by government — war, drug war, prison, dependency — and building voluntary communities of people who can meet each other’s needs.


Steven Hoag, IT Director

Steven is a digital marketing professional and political campaign contributor. He manages technology for LPKC and other Libertarian causes.