Who We Are

Board Members

David Johnson, Chair

David is a tech professional, husband, and father. He challenges the two-party system to end war and debt for his children's generation, and oversees business and operations for LPKC.

Michelle Darnell, Vice Chair

Michelle is a paralegal, former candidate, and activist. She is particularly passionate about homelessness and cronyism in the banking industry. 


Sarah Johnson, Treasurer

Sarah is an accountant who manages LPKC finances and newsletters. She became active in politics after becoming dissatisfied with the major parties and community divisiveness.


Nathan Deily, Media Relations

Nathan is a Libertarian activist who ran for State Legislature (41st LD) in 2018. He is a motorcycle enthusiast and board member for the charity Operation: Cigars for Warriors. He manages media relations for LPKC.


Steven Hoag, IT Director

Steven is a digital marketing professional and political campaign contributor. He manages technology for LPKC and other Libertarian causes.